Mis extensiones Firefox

Extensiones habilitadas:

  • All-in-One Sidebar – Opciones avanzadas del control del panel lateral.
  • Bandwidth Tester – Let’s you test the bandwidth of your current internet connection.
  • Better Gmail – Enhances the NEW Gmail interface with Greasemonkey user scripts. All scripts copyright their original authors. Click on the script homepage in the About tab for help and more information.
  • ColorZilla – Cuentagotas avanzado, Selector de color, Enfocador de páginas y otras coloridas funciones
  • CoLT – Agrega el elemento ‘Copiar texto del enlace’ al menú contextual del navegador.
  • Cooliris Previews – A simple and powerful way of navigating through Google search results and Google image searches! Cooliris was designed to be an ‘intuitive’ way of browsing
  • Copy Plain Text – Copies text without formatting
  • del.icio.us Bookmarks – Access your bookmarks wherever you go and keep them organized no matter how many you have.
  • deliGoo – Delicious (del.icio.us) – Search Engine deliGoo searches on the sites, indicated in your del.icio.us bookmarks. With its help you can find the necessary page according to any phrase or word, which it contains.
  • Document Map – Displays the current page’s heading structure in the sidebar, allowing rapid navigation between sections
  • Download Statusbar – Ver y administrar sus descargas en una pequeña barra de estado.
  • Fasterfox – Mejoras de rendimiento y red para Firefox.
  • FaviconizeTab – The width of the specified tab becomes small up to the size of favicon.
  • Firebug – Web Development Evolved
  • FireShot – Creates screenshots of web pages. Provides a set of editing and annotation tools, which let users quickly modify captures and insert text and graphical annotations.
  • Forecastfox – Get international weather forecasts from AccuWeather.com, and display it in any toolbar or statusbar with this highly customizable and unobtrusive
  • Google Icon – Adds favicon to google search results.
  • Google Notebook – Permite anotar una página web y/o texto seleccionado de la misma en tu bloc de notas de Google.
  • Google Toolbar for Firefox – Llévate el poder de Google, ¡a cualquier página web!
  • Link Alert – Changes the cursor to indicate the target of a link.
  • Live HTTP Headers – View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing.
  • MR Tech Local Install – Añade herramientas de instalación local.
  • Remember The Milk for Gmail – Allows you to manage your tasks in Gmail (complete, postpone, and edit tasks), add new tasks (and connect them with your emails, contacts, and Google Calendar events), automatically add tasks for starred messages or specific labels, and much more!
  • PicLens – Discover More
  • ScrapBook – Helps you to save Web pages and organize the collection.
  • Screen grab! – Saves a web-page as an image.
  • Split Brower – Divide la ventana del navegador como tú quieras.
  • SwitchProxy Tool – A tool that allows you to manage and switch between multiple proxy configurations quickly and easily.
  • Tab Mix Plus – Navegación con pestañas mejorada.
  • Table2Clipboard – Permite copiar al portapapeles las filas/columnas seleccionadas de una tabla HTML
  • Video DownloadHelper – The easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites. This works also for audio and picture galleries.
  • Web Developer – Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.
  • Zotero – La herramienta de investigación de nueva generación.

Temas instalados

  • Classic Compact 3.0.0 – A very compact version of Firefox’s default theme, which minimizes vertical space consumed by menu, tool, tab, find and status bars as much as possible without hurting overall appearance.
  • Cobalt Firefox 2.1.8 – The popular Abstract PC updated to work on Firefox 2.0. I made a couple of minor changes while keep the overall look and feel of the original.
  • Crystal Lite 0.9 – Yet Another Crystal Theme
  • extero 1.0 – Just a little bit different.
  • Firefox (default)
  • iFox Graphite 2.5.1 – A Graphite Alternative for iFox
  • iFox Smooth 2.5.1 – Smooth blended version of iFox
  • LittleFox 1.8.30 – Littlefox, designed for optimal screen usage, leaving lots of room for browsing. Based on icons from art.gnome.org. Includes support for help, inspector, downloadmgr, forecastfox, downloadstatusbar, offline and many more. To uninstall first make this theme active, then ‘uninstall’ it.
  • miniFox 0.8.2 – Original FireFox theme reduced to minimal sizes for the maximum userplace.
  • miniFoxFlat 0.4.3 – Flat minifox
  • Nautipolis for Firefox 1.8.30s – Nautipolis for Firefox, based on icons from art.gnome.org. Includes support for help, inspector, downloadstatusbar, downloadmgr, calendar, quicknote, offline and toolbarext. Tested with googlebar. Also includes ‘cutemenu’ icons. To uninstall first make this theme active, then ‘uninstall’ it.
  • Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) 3.38 – Fully skinned based on Noia icon set.
  • Noia 2.0 (lite) 3.21 – lite version skin based on Noia icon set.
  • Orbit Blue 3.1 – Px Classic w/ blue buttons
  • Orbit_Grey 2.1 – Px Classic w/ grey buttons
  • Saturated 1.0 – The original Firefox 2 theme, with colours tweaked slightly for more oomph!
  • Whitehart 2.5 – A simple yet elegant continuation of Whitehart by Flyson.


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